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Bride Danielle: Honeymoon in Paradise

Tim and I had an incredible time on our Mexican honeymoon in Riviera Nayarit, the area north of Puerto Vallarta on the Pacific coast. We found the landscape to be just gorgeous — it truly was paradise. Knowing we would be exhausted from planning, wedding weekend and also travel, we decided to spend the first half of the trip relaxing at a full-service, all-inclusive resort to recuperate before heading to a more rustic hotel and take surf lessons.

We flew to Puerto Vallarta out of Newark, which saved us about $500. It was brutal getting up in the middle of the night to get there, but it was completely worth the savings. We couldn’t get a direct flight from either Philly or Newark, so we figured we’d bite the bullet and sleep on the beach when we arrived. It was not a bad choice. However, by the time we arrived at PVR we were cranky and not happy about all the solicitation going on in the airport. For those of you used to flying into Cancun, it’s a different experience in the smaller, west-coast airport. It was super pushy — but we finally got loud, grabbed a cab, and were whisked away to our first stop, Dreams Villamagna in Nuevo Vallarta.

We spent five days at the resort, which was beautiful, simply relaxing and spending quiet time together. We were surprised at the amount of children there, and we ended up spending most of our time hanging on the beach under a palm umbrella reading and sipping drinks. The beach was gorgeous and the ocean clear and warm, so we were happy camping out there reading and napping. Highlights of the week were definitely our beach dinner (the sunset was gorgeous, and the food was very good for an all-inclusive), the gorgeous soaking tub, and of course, the balcony Jacuzzi. We had lots of champagne, and surprisingly, we really enjoyed eating breakfast on the balcony and in bed. It was so nice to be able to ease into the day after so much craziness.

After five days we were feeling relaxed and we got into another cab and headed north to the small surf town of Sayulita in search of our next resort, Playa Escondida. This self-proclaimed “Private Jungle-Beach Hideaway & Spa, ” was difficult to find (the cab driver had to ask for directions three times) due to the fact that there were no street signs, and we had to climb up a dirt road, which led to a cobblestone road over a steep hill, then back down again to the hotel. Let me tell you, the trek was worth it. This place was just amazing — little rooms open to the outdoors, with impeccable service and very few people at all (and no children).

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Looking for a place to spend our honeymoon. We have 2 weeks, leaving from NYC/Philadelphia airports. $10,000 budget for everything (spending money). We love calm beaches good for snorkeling, and want to see wild life- monkeys, birds, insects. The weirder the better. We love cool hotels like huts in the trees or bungalows over stilts. PLEASE help us narrow it down to a few places we can research.

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