Honeymoon Hotels in Nashville TN

Haunted Hotels in Nashville, TN: Union Station Hotel

Haunted hotels in Nashville, TennesseeThe Union Station Hotel in Nashville is a non-smoking hotel, and the lady needed a smoke before bed. She stepped out on the old platform, saw the bellhops and valets busy at their station and lit up. At the end of the platform she notices a woman, looking anxiously about, and pays little attention. The woman appears to be wearing clothes more popular in the 1940′s than today, but that’s not so unusual on a Saturday night in Nashville. The mysterious woman turns the corner and starts down the platform at the back of the hotel, and curious, the lady follows her. Only to find that she’s disappeared.Haunted platform at Nashville's Union Station Hotel Curious, she goes to the valet and asks if he saw the woman. He replies no, makes some pleasantries about the weather, and the lady goes back onto the platform to finish her cigarette. As she approaches the woman again appears from around the corner, goes to the rail, climbs over and jumps. The lady, watching, runs to the rail and looks around, but there’s no sign of the woman. The valet, hearing her call for help comes running, and does his best to calm the woman down.The lobby of the Union Station Nashville Hotel lobby The lady regains her composure, but by now needs another smoke, lights up and begins to ponder what just happened. Then out of the corner of her eye, at the end of the platform behind the station, she sees a man. He’s wearing a World War II uniform and appears to be looking for someone. As she begins to scream he becomes misty and disappears.

Little does she know that she’s witnessed a reoccuring spectacle at Nashville’s Union Station. A nameless womans says her goodbye to her soldier there on the platform, before he ships off to France in World War II. When she arrives at that same spot to greet him on his return, she’s instead met with word that he was killed in action. Distraught, she throws herself in front of a passing locomotive far below. The spirit of her departed love returns, looking for her in the last place he saw her. Two ghosts, still separated after all these years.

Room in Nashville's haunted Union station hotel Stairway in Nashville's Haunted Union Station Hotel

Some hotel rooms

by jam369

Have perfect chairs for bondage. Or, if you don't feel bad about it or know it's not a busy weekend or something, you could request a handicap room. They have sturdy bars in the bathroom for sure.
You could also practice more mental bondage. In that he could just order you to not move or not say anything. (I'm assuming you're also submissive, not just a bondage bottom.) My husband did this on our honeymoon. It was great. He'd be like "Shut the fuck up... the stewardess will here you." Which was extra exciting because 1. I knew she would because I could hear her and 2. She could have come in if she wanted to (although there was really no reason for her to at that point in the day).

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