Best honeymoon Locations in Hawaii

3 Best Honeymoon Destinations for the Sweetest Beginning of Your

Kingston - JamaicaStarting off our exploration of the top honeymoon destinations globally, we find Tahiti. This is in fact one of the 118 island in French Polynesia and it is definitely a world renowned honeymoon destination. Due to the tropical climate and the superb beaches, you will have the chance to bask in the sun and indulge in snorkelling, swimming, scuba diving and fishing experiences throughout the day.

There is nothing more amazing than having the opportunity to stay in overwater bungalows. You will listen to the waves gently caressing the beach and you will be sheltered inside your bungalow till you fall asleep in each other’s arms. Of course, Tahiti is not as secluded as one might think.

From the airport of Los Angeles (LAX airport), you will simply need to take a direct flight that lasts less than eight hours straight. From the moment you first set your foot on this divine location, you will be impressed and actually lost for words at the awesome scenery. Tropical vegetation and stunningly azure waters will offer you the chance to start your life together as sweetly as possible.

2. Jamaica

Jamaica is another fabulous destination for you to spend your honeymoon. It is located in the Caribbean and the fact that it is an English speaking country makes your stay there even more pleasant. You will be stunned by the natural beauty of this heavenly locale and you will be inspired for your upcoming vacations, for sure! Jamaica is the perfect destination for you to engage in water sports or discover what lies beneath the water.

Waikiki Beach - HawaiiCoral reefs and crystal clear waters will compensate you for your snorkelling excursions and you will have the chance to master your skills in windsurfing or paddle boarding. Palm trees and soft white sand complete the settings of this marvellous island, which is ready to enchant you and welcome you as a couple.

Try out the locally brewed coffee of Jamaica and of course relish the legendary rum and the cocktails by the beach. The sun is shining throughout the year and you only need your swimming suit and suntan lotion for your holidays here! Forget about your daily routine and get carried away by the intoxicating beauty of this special place on Earth!

1. Hawaii

Having reached the top with the best honeymoon destinations for you to enjoy, we find Hawaii. This is definitely a must-see destination for all the people who are in love. Located in the United States, Hawaii can offer you literally everything you might possibly set your mind on concerning your romantic getaway with the love of your life. The turquoise waters blend in magically with the silky sand and offer the perfect shelter for all the travelers seeking the opportunity to get a tan or swim.

Sip your cocktail under the shades of palm trees and relax, while being pampered and indulging in pure lavishness. You will have the chance to explore the archipelago of Hawaii with romantic yacht cruises and you will also get the opportunity to set out to hiking excursions, where you can explore the mainland. Experiment with Spa sessions and massage treatments, before you savour the local delicacies during a candlelight dinner for two.

There is remarkable diversity when it comes to the landforms of Hawaii and this is what makes tourists want to come back to this magnificent island again and again. There is always something new for you to admire and this is what will intrigue you as a newly wed couple.

This brings us to the end of our list with the 3 best honeymoon destinations in the whole wide world. Have a look at the brochures and surf the web, so as to gaze through the pictures and decide which one of these places would be the ideal palette on which you are going to paint the first memories of your life together. You deserve getting the most thrilling holidays, as the most eloquent celebration of your bonding. We wish you all the best and we invite you to explore these destinations of transcendental beauty. You will enjoy every moment you spend on such heavenly locals, for sure!

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