Best honeymoon Locations on a Budget

The 7 Best Honeymoon Destinations For Any Budget

2. From $250 to $500: A Weekend Getaway
A weekend away at a bed and breakfast is a great choice if your budget is less than $500. If you stick to a place that isn't more than $150 a night and includes breakfast, you still have $200 for lunch and dinner. Hitting up coastal towns with quaint restaurants and shops, or villages in the mountains with stunning views will provide all the romance you'll need.

3. From $500 to $1, 000: Las Vegas
Surprisingly, Las Vegas can actually be really romantic (and sexy), if gambling and showgirls are your thing. Depending on where you want to stay in Vegas, a 5-night trip for two in Sin City can be done with less than $1000. However, that doesn't include whatever gambling you might have in mind.

4. From , 000 to , 000: Mexico or the Dominican Republic
If your idea of romance is sunning yourself under the weight of thick humidity, then Mexico or the Dominican Republic are the places for you. The best part about these two spots are the all-inclusive packages in which you'll even have all your meals at the resort covered for the duration of your trip. Starting at about $1500 for a week, you can make your honeymoon last even longer if your budget falls within this range.

5. From $3, 000 to $5, 000: Paris
If you listen to the word on the street, Paris is, by and far, the most romantic city in the world. It's something about the lights, the wine, the architecture and just, well, Paris. But since it's Paris, you can't exactly half-ass your trip, so that means leaving room for some of the greatest restaurants in the world. Spending big bucks on dinner is definitely something to consider when you realize a hotel and flight for 10 days will run you about $3, 000. One word: cheese; oh, and love.

6. From $5, 500 to $7, 500: European Honeymoon
Maybe Paris isn't enough to get your heart pitter-pattering, and you'd like to take in even more of those beautiful European countries. If that's the case, choose a city in which to fly, then maneuver your way through the other countries by either train or plane. Each country has its own brand of romance and culture that will make everyday a slice of heaven.

7. From , 500 to , 000: Hawaii
Regarded as the loveliest of the 50 States, Hawaii provides a more laidback version of Mexico, and with far more lush surroundings. It's an idyllic destination for relaxation and love on the sands of the Pacific. Surfing, scuba diving, visiting active volcanoes - there's plenty fun adventures for the two of you. Plus, who could say no to that sunset?

8. From $10, 000 to $15, 000: African Safari
If you really fancy yourself Karen Blixen, then an African safari is the most divine choice of all. Although most think only of Kenya when it comes to an African safari, there are so many other territories to explore. From Laikipia Plateau, to the Shaba National Reserve, to Masai Mara, there's a place for your specific idea of love and romance. Watch "Out of Africa, " to really get inspired.

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I've been to all 3. Cabo rules

by marriedandbored

I've been to all 3.
Los Cabos twice, Puerto Vallarta once, and Cancun once (for the honeymoon).
The resorts in Cancun are GIGANTIC and amazing, but I would still vote for Cabo.
It's so easy to get to Cabo from SD (direct flight), and the weather is the best of all 3 locations (the other two are just too humid much of the time).
If you go to Cabo, stay near the end, not the corridor. There's so much more to do. And like all Mexico resort locations, go in early December. The weather is perfect, and the prices are cheap (it's just before the holiday high-season).

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