Breaking Dawn honeymoon Location

“Breaking Dawn:” Edward & Bella’s Tropical Honeymoon Hideaway in Brazil

Are you one of the many Twihards who stood in line to catch the latest installment of the Twilight Saga over the weekend? Breaking Dawn Part 1 pulled in a staggering $30.25 million on Friday alone. Wow.

I read all of Stephenie Meyers’ books in the series when they first came out and was frankly not crazy about this one (couldn’t get past the “baby” storyline). I was eager to get a look at Bella and Edward’s honeymoon hideaway on “Isle Esme, ” though, so I tracked it down. It’s a pretty fabulous beach house. Wanna see?

The house was designed by Thiago Bernardes of the architecture firm Bernardes + Jacobsen. It was featured in the January 2011 issue of . Here’s a shot of the front of the house that appeared in the magazine:

AD describes it as “a rustic beach house built for the Fernandes family on the Brazilian fjord of Saco do Mamanguá. The area is so remote that the family can only reach its house by boat or helicopter.”

These pivoting glass doors are so cool. They were designed to let the sea breezes blow through the house. Ahhh…

In this screenshot from the trailer, Edward carries Bella over the threshold by pushing the glass door open:

Architectural Digest recently wrote about this Brazilian beach house again, featuring an interesting interview with the film’s production designer, Richard Sherman. He tells AD:

“A number of the scenes that take place inside the Brazil beach house were actually shot on sets—a bedroom, bathroom, and courtyard—built on a Louisiana soundstage. The production team’s challenge was to create a seamless transition between the house and the sets.

“We see Edward and Bella arrive at the house at night. Then she walks through the living room, and the scene cuts to our set. You can’t tell the difference. It looks like a part of that house.”

I've been to all 3. Cabo rules

by marriedandbored

I've been to all 3.
Los Cabos twice, Puerto Vallarta once, and Cancun once (for the honeymoon).
The resorts in Cancun are GIGANTIC and amazing, but I would still vote for Cabo.
It's so easy to get to Cabo from SD (direct flight), and the weather is the best of all 3 locations (the other two are just too humid much of the time).
If you go to Cabo, stay near the end, not the corridor. There's so much more to do. And like all Mexico resort locations, go in early December. The weather is perfect, and the prices are cheap (it's just before the holiday high-season).

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