Great honeymoon Locations

Top 10 Honeymoon Locations

hawaii-wallpaper-09It’s about that time that every bride I know has honeymoon fever and is trying to figure out where to go to spend a good week or two with their new hubby. Including myself! The choices are endless and so I thought I would ask the experts. You guys!

I received well over 500 responses to find out where the most loved honeymoon locations in the world are. I’m not at all surprised by the beaches and romantic locations suggested but all of the insight and descriptions made me want to visit them all! If only. You can check out my post on Facebook HERE to find recommendations for your next trip by readers alike.


Hawaii was by FAR the most beloved location for a honeymoon.Hilton-Bora-Bora Maybe it’s because Hawaii is more accessible and easier to travel to but whatever the case may be this U.S. island is the number 1 choice for a honeymoon. I have always had a love affair with Hawaii yet we have never met before. When I was 21 I wanted to move there sight unseen because of the beautiful scenery, beach lifestyle and water activities. I know I will make it there someday… maybe even for our honeymoon?


Bora Bora is on the top of our list as a possibility for our honeymoon also because of the rave reviews we have heard from pretty much everyone. The stand alone huts and pristine waters are only a few reasons why this exotic location has become a favorite for honeymooners.jade-mountain-hotel-st-lucia-caribbean-15 You can relax in seclusion. The perfect setting for newlyweds.


St. Lucia was right up there with Bora Bora on the comments and suggestions by readers and offers a lot of variety. If you are more of an adventurous couple then this might be the island for you to see. They have tours of the island, hikes, waterfalls, and a rainforest to The dramatic twin peaks, The Pitons, are an idyllic backdrop soaring high above the sea.


Aruba. The name alone sounds tropical and exciting. Also you won’t have to worry about a possible tropical storm or drizzle that happens often in the Caribbean because this is the island with the most sunny days! How’s that for a perfect beach vacation.

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Great Honeymoon on a low budget

by jrlhphd

I'm having the same issue... I have begun to look into All Inclusives. They used to be really tacky but some of them now are GORGEOUS, with 5 star hotels, everything included, beautiful beaches, jacuzzis, room service, everything. They come with EVERYTHING included, from top shelf liquors to snorkeling to room service to welcome champagne and even free wedding services! It's amazing. And some of the really nice ones can be found for like $180 per night per person. If I were you, I'd try the website They have a "recommendation" feature where you can pick locations you might like (not just the caribbean, either, but mexico and others), and pick features you have to have (swim up bar is one of mine!) and a cost level, and it gives you some pretty cheap resorts for great...

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