Honeymoon Locations in India

Mahabaleshwar – An Ideal Honeymoon Destination

Arthurs SeatMarjorie Point is one of the popular sightseeing locations in this hilly resort. Lying at an elevation of more than 1250 metres from the sea level, this enchanting vantage point offer breathtaking vistas of the vast Konkan Valley. The views of the deep valley covered with dense alpine forests and distant soaring mountains is spellbinding.

Arthurs Seat is yet another popular spot, lying at an altitude of over 1300 metres from mean sea level. This place is visited by hordes of tourists for the mesmerising view of the crystal and infinite water of the Savitri River. It has been named after Sir Arthur Mallet who used to come and sit here for hours.

The highest point in this hill station – Wilson Point is also an extremely popular sightseeing location here. This place got its name from Sir Leslie Wilson who was the Governor of Bombay during the years 1923 to 1926.Wilson Point Situated at a height of more than 1400 metres from sea level, this is the only spot in this hilly resort that offers the view of both – sunrise and sunset. Finally, Three Monkey Point is worth visiting for its secluded location and romantic natural setting. Offering panoramic vistas characterized by sprawling grasslands, this place is ideal for romantic couples. The three monkey point gets its name after the sculptures of three monkeys built here.

How to Reach

Mahabaleshwar is well-connected and easily accessible via different means of transport. It is located in proximity to major cities like Wai, Satara and Pune, and is an ideal weekend getaway. Private and government buses, taxis, as well as cabs connect this hilly location to other cities of the state. The nearest railway station is located at Satara, about 40 kilometres away from here. Besides, Pune International Airport, which operates domestic, as well as international flights, is located close to this beautiful destination. Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai, is approximately 270 kilometres away from here. Many people, including honeymooners, nature lovers and peace seekers, choose Mahabaleshwar package deals with leading travel portals and come here to enjoy amidst enchanting natural beauty.

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