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How to Choose the Perfect Honeymoon Spot

2013-08-15-Mauicouple_HPupload.jpgPlanning a wedding often means dealing with a seemingly endless list of over-the-top choices, from the shape of the ice sculpture to whether or not your college roommate's plus-one deserves a spot on the guest list. Save up all that decision-making energy and channel it into the one choice that may count the most: where to go on your honeymoon.

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But before you peruse photos of rose-petal-strewn bedspreads and steamy couples massages, take time to consider exactly how you imagine your early days of newlywed bliss. Are you looking for an urban escape with plenty of romantic sites and quaint coffee shops? Do you prefer an active getaway packed with outdoor adventures? Or does your dream vacation include expansive beaches and plenty of sunbathing? While some destinations can satisfy much of this criteria, knowing which factors you and your partner value most will help pare down your search.

Using an unbiased methodology that takes into account both expert opinions and traveler sentiments, our editors have determined what newlyweds seek most in their first post-nuptial getaway. We found that, according to many of our readers, time in the sand and sun takes the cake.

It's no wonder, then, that the turquoise waters and black sand beaches of Santorini helped the crescent-shaped island capture the No. 1 spot on our overall list of the Best Honeymoon Destinations for the second year in a row. The island provides a picturesque backdrop for embracing the euphoria of fresh matrimony, making it easy to see why it earned an 83 percent voter-approval rating.2013-08-15-Santorini_HPupload_edited.jpg Maui and Kauai hold the second and third slots on our best honeymoons list, while another Greek isle, Crete, ranks fourth. With several other luxurious beachfront destinations including Martinique, Bora Bora and the Maldives high on the list, it's clear our readers value post-wedding R&R.

However, the appeal of city life is not lost on honeymoon travelers: Venice and Florence held onto the fifth and sixth spots on our Best Honeymoon Destinations rankings. Florence - with its Tuscan dining and idyllic sunsets - overtook Venice on the overall list, earning the No. 1 spot on our list of Best Romantic European Getaways.

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Great Honeymoon on a low budget

by jrlhphd

I'm having the same issue... I have begun to look into All Inclusives. They used to be really tacky but some of them now are GORGEOUS, with 5 star hotels, everything included, beautiful beaches, jacuzzis, room service, everything. They come with EVERYTHING included, from top shelf liquors to snorkeling to room service to welcome champagne and even free wedding services! It's amazing. And some of the really nice ones can be found for like $180 per night per person. If I were you, I'd try the website cheapcaribbean.com. They have a "recommendation" feature where you can pick locations you might like (not just the caribbean, either, but mexico and others), and pick features you have to have (swim up bar is one of mine!) and a cost level, and it gives you some pretty cheap resorts for great...

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