Perfect honeymoon Locations

5 Perfect Winter Honeymoon Destinations

rs-st-kitts-and-nevis.jpgYour honeymoon is sure to be one of the most memorable vacations of your life, but after orchestrating an entire wedding, trying to pin down the perfect honeymoon destination can seem daunting. Don't dismay—we've narrowed down our top five honeymoon recommendations for winter that offer the perfect setting for you to kick off your life together—in style. Bon voyage!

1. St. Kitts and Nevis

These tiny Eastern Caribbean islands may not be on everyone's radar, but that's a huge part of their appeal. Lauded as two of the world's most romantic retreats, St. Kitts and Nevis are the perfect destinations for couples looking for solitude and spectacular natural beauty. These mountainous islands are covered in lush rain forests and miles of golden beaches, with plenty of opportunities for exploration that go beyond sunbathing and water sports. History buffs can visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Brimstone Hill Fortress on St. Kitts, and outdoor adventurers can hike to the majestic peak of Nevis's volcano.

rs-thailand.jpgWhere to Stay: Just steps away from Nevis shores, nestled by lush gardens and swaying palm trees, the five-star Four Seasons Nevis features three infinity-edge pools, a world-class spa, a scenic golf course, and sweeping views of the island's solitary volcano. Take a complimentary afternoon tour to check out the island's playful vervet monkeys, or participate in the hotel's "Dive and Dine" program where you'll dive with a local expert and catch your own lobster (to be prepared later at a beach barbecue).

2. Thailand

rs-turks-and-caicos.jpgThailand proposes one of the most seductive vacation spots in the world and, accordingly, makes a superb honeymoon choice. While the country's intoxicating natural beauty may draw you here, it's the Thai people's graciousness and warmth that will make you want to stay. Whether you're looking to unwind on Thailand's southern beaches, enjoy awe-inspiring cultural pursuits in the northern regions, or explore the grand metropolis of Bangkok, everyone will find something to enjoy. Added bonus: Thailand offers a great value for American visitors, to boot.

Where to Stay: Tucked into the province of Chiang Mai, the magical Dhara Devi makes guests feel like royalty from the moment they arrive. The regal resort is comprised of several palace-like structures inspired by the former Lanna Friendly staffers, famous for spoiling guests, ensure that you'll never want to leave—and with an enormous spa, eight restaurants, fitness center, temple house, shopping village, arts-and-crafts center, cooking school, and library, why would you ever need to?

3. Turks and Caicos

For a true luxury destination in the Caribbean, Turks and Caicos is an excellent choice. Providenciales (or, Provo), is perhaps its most sophisticated island destination, offering some of the best beaches in the world and every modern convenience that honeymooners may desire. In Grace Bay, visitors can explore coral reefs, rich sea life, and crystalline waters for legendary diving, snorkeling, and water sports. Or, in Chalk Sound National Park, couples can enjoy seclusion bundled with beaches touting the clearest water on the island.

Where to Stay: Head to the north shore of Provo to Grace Bay Club, a Mediterranean-style resort situated on prime beachfront property. Guests will enjoy uncrowded beaches and attentive service throughout their stay. Relish the peacefulness of the island at the adults-only pool or 5, 000-square-foot fitness center and spa.

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These are all excellent ideas BUT.....

by flipley

....since this is your honeymoon, I highly recommend against renting a car. Stay in one or two locations tops and leave the driving to someone else. Unless you have the perfect partnership, why test it by driving in Italy? Take the train, it's cheap and easy. Now if you were travelling just to experience all that Italy has to offer, sure, rent a car and pack your sense of humor. But for a honeymoon? Eliminate all possible stress matters.

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