Top 10 Best honeymoon Locations

Top 10 Most Beautiful Honeymoon Destinations In America

Honeymoon Destinations In America -10. Montage Laguna Beach, California

This resort is best suited for those couples who have their pets with them. While you are out for dinner, staff will take care of your pet in the best possible way. Suites of this resort are airy surrounded with pools embellished with sun burst tiles. Outdoor lawns provide a serene and refreshing view. Popularity of this resort is evident from the fact that a lot of celebrities spend their honeymoon time here. Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom is one of the examples.

9, Naples, Florida, La Playa

Beach & Golf Resort Lover of Tropical Island? My verdict for you, visit this pace. This particular resort is situated on the beach with swimming pools (Amid lagoon style) and tikki bars. Interior decor having green walls, draped beds and furnishing provides you a romantic sense at a first glance. The 189 rooms are improvised with WiFi, LCDs and DVD players. Feeling of Tropical Island with high tech is not a bad deal at all.

Honeymoon Destinations In America - Naples, Florida, La Playa8. Honolulu, Oahu- Hawaii

Oahu is one of the popular spots of Hawaiian Island. Oahu is a blend of history, culture, romance and luxury. A huge number of dance and music festivals are held in Oahu. You will find best food here. While visiting, do not forget to taste Filipino pork adobo and shave ice along with red bean paste. Visit this place, get acquainted with history, spent some overwhelming nights and enjoy your honeymoon time.

7. Marco Island, Florida

For those couples, who really want to recover from their wedding planning, Marco Island is the perfect option to choose. It is affordable, romantic, fun and comfortable. Seafood of this beach is awesome and the sunset view is jaw dropping. Sailing in the mid of the day in Marco Island Beach is one of the most wanted activity here.

Honeymoon Destinations In America - Honolulu, Oahu- Hawaii6. Colorado, Hotel Jerome, Rock Resort- Aspen

This resort’s history goes back to 1889. It is a 94 room hotel, is stuffed with a lot of modern luxuries. LCD TV, hot tubs, outdoor pool and SUV chauffeur service is available to make your honeymoon a splendid one. Rooms are furnished by antiques. Facades of red bricks look charming. A candle light dinner in the restaurant, Garden Terrace, will make you feel you are in a dream world.

5. Montana, The Resort at Paws Up- Greenough

This resort is near to nature and outdoorsy. Paws Up has got four camps in which there are 24 canvas tents full of luxuries. Along the tents are the dining pavilions. You will experience amazing eatables here. The menu is; breakfast is embellished with huckleberry pancakes, lunch with sweet potato fries and barbecue brisket sandwiches. You will be provided with fresh coffee as well. Enjoy hiking, horse riding, hot air ballooning, fly fishing in Montana. If you are admirer of nature, no place can be better than this for you honeymoon.

4. Meadowood Napa Valley, California

Meadowood is not only a place for honeymoon couples but it is also well suited as a marriage destination. It has got 85 cottages with swimming pools, croquet lawns, hiking tracks, tennis courts, mouthwatering eating place and much more. To see how Chef Christopher works, you can order a table inside kitchen. All in all, this place can prove to be one of the best memories of your honeymoon time. If you do not believe what I say, then you better experience yourself.

Honeymoon Destinations In America - Marco Island, Florida Honeymoon Destinations In America - Colorado, Hotel Jerome, Rock Resort- Aspen Honeymoon Destinations In America - Montana, The Resort at Paws Up- Greenough Honeymoon Destinations In America - Meadowood Napa Valley, California
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These are all excellent ideas BUT.....

by flipley

....since this is your honeymoon, I highly recommend against renting a car. Stay in one or two locations tops and leave the driving to someone else. Unless you have the perfect partnership, why test it by driving in Italy? Take the train, it's cheap and easy. Now if you were travelling just to experience all that Italy has to offer, sure, rent a car and pack your sense of humor. But for a honeymoon? Eliminate all possible stress matters.

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