Top 10 honeymoon Locations in Africa

Top Ten Must-See Honeymoon Destinations in Cape Town

Victoria and Alfred WaterfrontSouth Africa is known for its stunning scenery and beautiful towns. From rolling vineyards to towering mountains, romantic beaches to cosmopolitan cities, South Africa is a honeymoon paradise and Cape Town is one of its most charming cities. There’s tons here to see and do, and couples will taste the romance with every breath of air.

For the top ten must-see honeymoon destinations in Cape Town we consulted Ritz Tours, a tour operator with over 32 years of experience. Some of the activities require reservations and others can have waiting lists, so one of the surest ways to see it all is through a reliable tour operator. With that being said, check out the list below and feel free to add your own in the comments section!

  • 10. Victoria and Alfred Waterfront

    Long Street Cape Town

The most-visited destination in all of South Africa, the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront is the historic heart of Cape Town. From fun shops and hip nightlife to romantic restaurants and museums, the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront is a bustling heaven for fun-filled honeymoon days and nights. After shopping ’till you drop and experiencing dining to die for, take a helicopter ride or charter a boat to take you on a lover’s cruise through the historic harbor.

  • 9. Long Street

A famous bohemian hangout, Long Street is famous for its trendy bars, ethnic restaurants, cafes and clubs. The diverse area is the perfect place to sip coffee or cocktails and absorb a cool cultural vibe that’s perfect for honeymoon relaxation.

  • 8. The Company Garden

Company Garden Cape TownThe Company Garden is park located in central Cape Town and is home to many wonders, including a pear tree first planted in 1652! Within the Company Garden are more sights like South Africa’s National Library, the Iziko South African Museum and the Iziko National Gallery. Explore rose gardens, art and craft vendors and a romantic fish pond along with all the Garden’s other magnificent cultural attractions.

  • 7. Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden

Known as one of the world’s most beautiful botanical gardens, Kirstenbosch is one of nine that covers South Africa’s six different biomes. Hold hands and explore the colorful flowers, lush ferns and thousands of beautiful plants that aren’t grown anywhere else in the world, all in the foothills of gorgeous granite cliffs.

  • 6. Duiker Island

Also known as “Seal Island” due to its huge colony of Cape fur seals, Duiker Island is also home to an abundance of other enchanting wildlife. Catch incredible views of Sentinel Peak and the sparkling bay and charge your cameras for tons of unforgettably-romantic honeymoon photo ops.

  • 5. Oudekraal

Explore crystal coves and wondrous beaches surrounded by a gallery of granite boulders, perfect for romantic picnics or just flirting the day away by the sparkling water. For a bit more excitement, book a dive and see a genuine shipwreck along with colorful coral reefs and all the aquatic wildlife that call it their home.

Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden Cape Town Seal Island Cape Town Oudekraal Cape Town Clifton Beach Cape Town
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These are all excellent ideas BUT.....

by flipley

....since this is your honeymoon, I highly recommend against renting a car. Stay in one or two locations tops and leave the driving to someone else. Unless you have the perfect partnership, why test it by driving in Italy? Take the train, it's cheap and easy. Now if you were travelling just to experience all that Italy has to offer, sure, rent a car and pack your sense of humor. But for a honeymoon? Eliminate all possible stress matters.

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