African Safari Honeymoon Packages

Chobe African safari honeymonYou probably are at the planning stage of your wedding right now and are looking at the options as far as going on a honeymoon are concerned. Maybe you have already decided with your other other half that an African safari would be the perfect honeymoon for the both of you. You are now left with the hardest decision, which is where exactly in Africa to go on safari.

Budget allowing the best kind of safari for your honeymoon would be one that covers a number of countries at once and is at least a week long. There are such safari packages available that cover regions of Africa such as Southern or Eastern African. However you can also select a package that only centers around one country, for example South Africa or Kenya. You can enhance these single country safaris by visiting various different Nature Reserves or National Parks. Since it is a honeymoon, you probably want to be selecting a luxury lodge for your accommodation. This will enhance your experience even more, although it will certainly cost you way more than a regular African safari tour.

Serengeti Honeymoon SafarisThe southern part of Africa, especially South Africa has some really good safari spots. If you decide on your honeymoon safari in this area, you will have a few more choices available. African Safari Tour operator Safari2Africa has four different packages you can choose from. They all have one thing in common, they are usually between 7 Days to 10 days long. You can select which National Parks you want to visit, you have one stop in South Africa either Cape town or Kruger National Park. Then you have one stop in Botswana at Chobe National Park and the other stop brings you to Zimbabwe to Victoria Falls.

Most of the transfers between the stops are by air except the one from Victoria Falls to Chobe which is by land. Depending on which tour you select you will fly into either Johannesburg or Cape Town to begin your safari. They cover almost everything from your transfers to hotels and hotel accommodation from the moment that they pick you up from the airport. At each transfer you will have an experienced guide to take you and show you around, all you need to do is to sit and relax. Most of the lodges as well as chalets will be on a full serve basis or all-inclusive, including all drinks and beverages. However, some hotels will just offer you standard accommodation. These are things that you should check before booking your package. They also offer a South Africa and Botswana only honeymoon package.

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These are all excellent ideas BUT.....

by flipley

....since this is your honeymoon, I highly recommend against renting a car. Stay in one or two locations tops and leave the driving to someone else. Unless you have the perfect partnership, why test it by driving in Italy? Take the train, it's cheap and easy. Now if you were travelling just to experience all that Italy has to offer, sure, rent a car and pack your sense of humor. But for a honeymoon? Eliminate all possible stress matters.

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