Big Island Hawaii Honeymoon Packages

The Big Island

After almost 6 days in Maui we hopped a (small, 8 person!) plane to the Big Island.

The first afternoon we spent walking around the area near our hotel and we visited a local parking lot market.

We weren't super thrilled but knew we needed to go to at least one luau and our hotel had one that evening for dinner.

We got there just in time to catch the sunset.

the show and the food was about what you'd expect- pretty good but not amazing.

and we tried poi which was disgusting.

Southpoint Hawaii- the southernmost point of the US

Apparently people were jumping in to this hole and getting washed out in to the ocean.

Punalu'u black sand beach

the sand was very coarse- it hurts your bare feet if they're not used to it.

We then spent the rest of the day at Volcano National Park hiking around looking at old lava and craters or whatever...lava tubes, etc.

Pete loved it. I enjoyed it but eventually it all looked the same to me.

The Nene bird! We were looking everywhere for these guys because everywhere we went there were signs about watching out for them.

Someone told us it's pronounced "Nee-Nee" and someone else said it's "Nay-Nay". And both laughed about the other pronunciation like we're the idiots.

the steam vents

the ishy sulfur

an active volcano/lava glow

Pete's BFF Ryan (who got married last summer) was also on his honeymoon with his wife Christy. It was a total coincidence- we both booked our trips separately!

Ryan and Christy spent a little over 2 weeks on the Big Island, and we were able to meet up with them for a dinner in Hilo. Pete & I were several hours from our hotel and all scrubbed out from hiking the volcano park all day, but it was really sort of cool to meet up with our good friends while on vacation.

We actually only spent 2 days on the Big Island, and then we headed to: Oahu!

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Who's wedding is this anyway???

by SouthernBlume

My best friend is planning her wedding & I have offered to help her get it together. She's 23 and she's paying for everything on her own. Her budget is $10,000 or less. I suggested a destination wedding in Hawaii, they have resort packages that take care of everything for up to $6,000. She loves the idea and wants to do it. Well, a few of our friends are being really negative towards the idea as well as some membersof his family. Her family loves the idea almost as much as we do. My friend has even offered to pay for his parents ticket.
She's getting married in 2 years so we figured that it would leave them with more than enough time to save up for a ticket and a hotel room & if...

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