Honeymoon Resorts in Florida

Honeymoon Resorts in Florida Hotels Boutique Honeymoon Place


Honeymoon Resorts in Florida Hotels Boutique

Thinking of cool vacations, we always put Florida in our minds. It is inevitable and since this is a really sunny, joyous and warm state it is logical for us to dream about Florida beaches and resorts all year long. It is also usual for us to associate this magical state with large and incredibly impressive resorts. However, if you are not sure about staying in places like that, Florida also has some fabulous boutique hotels for you that will provide you with all the comfort, luxury, privacy and relax you deserve. Please come with us here and learn why Florida is the perfect destination for honeymooners.

Of course, one of the most popular and important honeymoon packages in Florida is the sunny and happy city of Miami. Known worldwide for its marvelous climate and its beautiful beaches, Miami offers you a wide range of accommodation options. But when it comes to boutique hotels, there is no doubt that the National Hotel, located in 1677 Collins Avenue is one of the best ideas.

There you will be able to enjoy facilities such as two outdoor swimming pools and poolside bar, fitness center, bar and lounge areas, on site dining options, unlimited room service, parking area, conference room, patio and gorgeous gardens. As for the guestrooms, they include comfortable and relaxing decorative styles as well as numerous amenities and top quality attention. This hotel offers you several nearby recreational options.

If you are looking for sophistication and exclusive design, the Hotel of South Beach is certainly the option to choose. Located in 801 Collins Avenue, this hotel features a truly unique decorative style, with modern ambiences and extremely comfortable spaces.

Some of the on site facilities are a fantastic outdoor swimming pool located on the rooftop and with an exclusive design, spa services, poolside bar, fitness center, bar and lounge areas, dining options, room service, parking area, conference room, patio, gift shops, entertainment options and some of the most wonderful views of the city. The rooms are decorated with simple yet beautiful styles and they feature a complete set of amenities for your total comfort and relax.

Fort Lauderdale is another marvelous area to discover in Florida for your honeymoon and if you are looking for a private, romantic and luxurious hotel where to stay, you definitely have to go to the Ed Lugo Resort. This intimate and tranquil hotel is located in 2404 NE 8 Avenue, right on the north of the city.

There you will be able to enjoy a wonderful experience. Even though this hotel does not include numerous on site facilities, it definitely provides you with some of the best attention around.

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Best island for honeymoon in Hawaii??

by lucas49er

I have a Wyndham timeshare that has several resorts, but the two that seem the nicest are the Wyndham Kona Hawaiian Resort on the Big Island, and the Wyndham at Waikiki Beach Walk in Honolulu. which one would be the best to stay at for a honeymoon??
a little about us: this is our first trip to Hawaii, and may very well be our only. so i'd like to know which island has more to offer. we have a pretty good budget, will probably want to bum around the beach a bit, and want to get the most out of our trip there. we'll be there for a week by the way.

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