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Drasss is a small township located at a distance of about 60 km west of Kargil and lies on the Srinagar - Leh highway. It is recognized as the second coldest inhabited place in the world.

Temperature at this place often falls down to – 40 degree Celsius during the winter season. However, during summers, the place experiences quite pleasant climate and is hoarded by many tourists across the world during this time of the year. Drass is chiefly popular for trekking, hiking and camping.

The inhabitant of this place mainly comprises of Dard stock, an Aryan race. They are believed to have originally come to this place from Central Asia and are considered to be very hard and enduring people as they can withstand the harsh winter of this region.

An inherited sport played by the Dards with great passion is similar to the modern day polo. One can have a close look into the lifestyle of the local inhabitants of this region.

Zojila pass, which is also known as the Himalayan gateway to Ladakh, serves as the starting point of the Drass valley of Kashmir. For many centuries the local inhabitants are known to have negotiated this dreadful pass even during the most risky period in the late autumn or early spring.

During this time, the whole region is covered with thick snow and experiences regular snow storms. The locals use the pass to transport across the stocks of the traders and to assist the stranded travelers to get across the pass.

Due to their mastery of crossing the pass, these people had gained monopoly over the trade when the Pan-Asian trade was at its peak. Thus, these highly enduring local inhabitants of this region are regarded as the guardian’s of Ladakh's gateway.

Trekking in Drass is a popular attraction for tourism in this region. Rather, trekking is the chief highlight of Dras tourism. Drass is a suitable base for a 3 day long trek to Suru valley. This trek route involves some of the most scenic villages and exotic flora on the both sides of the 4, 500 m towering Umbala pass, which falls along the route.

The trek route to the sacred cave of Amarnath, in the adjacent Kashmir, starts from Minamarg below Zojila, which lasts for 3 days and includes crossing of 5200 m soaring pass. Several shorter trek routes and hikes to the upland villages are also available at Drass.The Puga Valley is another major attraction of Drass as it is popular for its hot water springs. Every year hundreds of travelers visit this valley for a bath in these hot water springs as these springs are known to have medicinal values, curing people from rheumatism and skin diseases.
Drass holds several small hotels and lodges with basic but up to date facilities. One can also opt to stay at the Jammu and Kashmir Tourist Complex that services well furnished rooms with clean and good amenities.
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Small boat tour/cruises in Mediterranean?

by fancyhalfpants

I would love to take a mini-cruise (as in small boat, not short time :) of the mediterranean next spring for my honeymoon. I am looking for the opposite of a carnival cruise. An old (nicely kept) wooden ship is ideal, or a large yacht perhaps. Looking for a capacity of less than 20 or so... not more than 100 for sure. We want a personal experience. - I suppose akin to a B&B on the sea!
Any ideas at all. I have searched the net to no avail so far!
I would be so grateful for ideas!!!

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