Honeymoon Tour to Singapore

Honeymoon Trip Report: Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo 1Megan and I took a two-week tour of Southeast Asia during our honeymoon in August/September of this year. Here’s the Trip Report Index:

When we booked this trip, we wondered if we should head straight to Bali or take the opportunity to do a long layover. After all, one of the benefits of international travel is that a layover counts as anything less than 24 hours, while you’re only allowed 4 hours on domestic layovers. Some people like Wandering Aramean have visited several cities on the same award ticket just by keeping each stop under that time limit.

Singapore Zoo 5On our previous trip to Singapore, we spent my birthday at the Night Safari at the Singapore Zoo. That was one of the highlights of our trip because we got so close to the animals, and there were view visible barriers between us. (Probably no surprise for someone trained as a biologist.) It seemed like a shame to miss a chance to see the daytime zoo the next time we passed through the city.

Singapore Zoo 4

After arriving around 5 AM, we spent two to three hours in the SilverKris lounge taking showers, eating breakfast, and generally fiddling with the computer to figure out why it was not booting up. I was pretty sure it was a goner but really did not want to go without a connection for the next two weeks. I’ll give Megan credit, she hid her glee quite well. Eventually we passed through customs around 8 AM and hailed a taxi to the zoo, leaving our carryon bags airside at the checked luggage desk for a very reasonable cost.

I love the taxi drivers in Singapore. There’s no bull, no haggling, and they all speak English. Usually they speak it quite well, in fact, and rather than grumbling about the weather or some nonsense they want to discuss global politics and economic policy. It’s as if The Economist decided to branch out of publishing, and it certainly made the rush hour traffic pass by more quickly. Singapore isn’t that big, so we were soon at our destination, and I left the driver a nice tip as an apology for the lack of return customers so early in the morning.

Singapore Zoo 2 Singapore Zoo 6 Archer (ocelot) Singapore Zoo 7
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Small boat tour/cruises in Mediterranean?

by fancyhalfpants

I would love to take a mini-cruise (as in small boat, not short time :) of the mediterranean next spring for my honeymoon. I am looking for the opposite of a carnival cruise. An old (nicely kept) wooden ship is ideal, or a large yacht perhaps. Looking for a capacity of less than 20 or so... not more than 100 for sure. We want a personal experience. - I suppose akin to a B&B on the sea!
Any ideas at all. I have searched the net to no avail so far!
I would be so grateful for ideas!!!

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