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Luxurious foam bath at an exclusive lodge.The South Africa honeymoon packages and African honeymoon safaris we offer in Botswana, Namibia and Zambia provide couples seeking the perfect romantic getaway in Africa a range of exceptional choices, from the golden beaches of the fairest Cape to wildlife areas where the Big Five still reign supreme. South Africa and Africa have much to offer honeymoon couples wishing to enjoy their special time in our part of the world. We offer honeymoon packages which visit some of the finest hotels and lodges to be found anywhere in the world. The settings of these properties range from the vibrant city of Cape Town to the remote wild isolation of the Okavango Delta.

Dinner on the deck of a safari lodge in South Africa.Our focus has always been on providing personal service and ensuring that our clients enjoy a honeymoon in Africa which they will cherish for the rest of their lives. If none of our packages meet your approval, we will gladly work with you to tailor-make a custom South African honeymoon which takes your unique requirements into account.

"The wedding was the beginning of a well-orchestrated trip that led to our seeing the Big Five while on safari. Later we were flown to Victoria Falls to complete this dream African honeymoon. Every detail was attended to by African Sky, including all of our travel plans and transportation. We simply had to show up to enjoy the next adventure that had been carefully planned. The honeymoon could not have been more perfect!" Geoffrey and Pamela Parker, Pompano Beach, Florida

Harbor scene in Knysna.

Our exclusive honeymoons are aimed at couples who seek only the finest that Southern Africa has to offer in terms of romantic getaways. The packages are the result of years of experience in the conducting of exclusive honeymoons in the countries of South Africa, Botswana, Namibia and Zambia. These honeymoon packages are sure to be painted in your memory forever.

Luxury African honeymoons and honeymoon packages use fine five star hotels and lodges in areas ranging from vibrant cities to untamed wilderness areas. Small private lodges and intimate hotels will provide you with idyllic settings. Here you can forget the troubles so often present in one's day-to-day existence in the modern world and allow your romance to blossom.

The four star honeymoons we offer combine the highlights of South Africa in itineraries and honeymoon packages that flow well and are designed to bring to life the rich diversity of the country. Some parts of these honeymoons are guided by one of our experienced guides. The guiding is done in such a manner as to still offer guests enough privacy to enjoy each other's company. The hotels and lodges are hand-picked four star properties which are preferred by African Sky Safaris & Tours for their unique location and exceptional service levels.

Hesperides Press The Honeymoon. Rememberance Of A Bridal Tour Through Scotland. Vol. II.
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Tourism-wise Botswana is probably

by GunsOfAugust

One of the best choices all around in Africa. For those interested in wild life, I rate it higher than even south Africa's national parks. Botswana instituted early on a very well managed program for its national parks, which first came to the attention of the world with Richard Burton and Liz Taylor's 2nd honeymoon there. The Botswana leadership chose instead of catering to the mass hordes of tours, to appeal to smaller numbers of upscale tourists and thus be more mindful of theimpact on their ecology. as a result their national parks arelargely unspoilt and not as commercialized as say for instance the South African or the Kenyan parks

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South Africa Honeymoon
South Africa Honeymoon
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