Maldives Honeymoon Tour from Indian

Honeymoon made in heaven: A romantic tour of India and the Maldives

An elephant is pictured in silhouette in front of the Taj MahalTraditionally the groom plans and books the honeymoon as a surprise for his bride. But not this bride. Not only (much as I adore him) did I not quite trust my husband to plan the dream trip I had in mind, but I firmly believe that so much of the joy of a holiday lies in the anticipation. What better way to cheer up a soggy British summer than endlessly reading through itineraries, checking weather reports and clicking through the photographs on your hotel's website?

Crazy in love, but with very different ideas of the ideal break, my husband and I first got to practise the art of compromise, so essential to a long and happy marriage, as we planned our honeymoon.

I wanted culture, history, good food, shops, sunshine and beautiful beaches. He was happy with all those as long as there was some action and adventure. We are both extremely blessed to have travelled fairly widely throughout our 20s, so we also wanted a destination that was new to both of us.

We decided on a hectic tour of India, followed by the Maldives for some blissful recuperation.

And so two days after becoming Mr and Mrs, my new husband and I boarded a plane to start our lifelong adventure in the country where honeymoons originated.

The custom of newlyweds going on a holiday came from the Indian subcontinent, where upper-class couples would take a 'bridal tour' to visit relatives who had not been able to attend the wedding. The practice soon spread to Europe and was known as voyage à la façon anglaise (English-style voyage) in France from the 1820s. It was a tradition we were thrilled to take on.

Kitty and Ed are pictured sitting in front of the Taj MahalWe started in Delhi, our mouths aching from smiling and our feet tired from dancing the night away at our wedding. India hits you with an assault on the senses, operating at its own unique pace, with its own unspoken rules. Streets bustle with donkeys, unattended cows, overloaded bicycles and cars full to the brim with myriad arms, legs and smiling faces.

Colours, sounds and smells bombard the virgin visitor. Women in bright saris, street stalls selling spices, food cooked by the roadside, tuk tuks belching foul fumes, a constant cacophony of sirens, people chatting, calling out.

Shining with happiness: Kitty and Ed at the Taj Mahal

Ed and I were overwhelmed but opened-mouthed at the wonder of it all. They say India is a country that you either fall in love with or hate. Within hours of arriving, we agreed we fell into the former category.

Delhi was a great place to get into the rhythm of India, aweing us with its version of the over-the-top subcontinent. But I was happy to board a dawn train to Agra, for Agra is the home of the monument that was my real reason for choosing India as our honeymoon destination - the Taj Mahal.

I had dreamed of visiting it since I was a little girl and did a school project on India. It didn't disappoint. Our guide told us it was traditional for Indian newlyweds to visit the Taj Mahal and it was clear why - the place was filled with romance. We spotted couple after couple, shining with the happiness that a new marriage brings.

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by thomas144

Why do you want to go on a tour? getting around Italy (on your own) is pretty easy if you are under the age of about 75.
I do know a couple of newlyweds who speak Italian at home (a bit) and had been to Italy before, who enjoyed their Honeymoon cruise in the Mediterranean. I can see doing that - if you don't want to have to hassle about transportation and luggage, that kind of thing.

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