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Travel Theme Honeymoon Bridal Shower

Zacha spent sleepless nights stalking my Facebook albums to get pictures of the Mo and I to display throughout the tent.
She made fun travel theme signs that read "Arrivals & Departures" for the gate and signs for the individual tables.
My sister was inspired by a facebook wall post that one of my friends left on my wall and went out and gathered supplies to make these cute heart paper pendants constructed from maps.
My friends were kind enough to help out with food and brought some of my favorite dishes. The International buffet included dishes from around the world but mainly stuck within Southeast Asia since my mom made a lot of the dishes.

Zacha made wonton shells out of wonton wraps and filled them with shrimp, onions and cream cheese.

Nat made my favorite seafood paella and I just returned her paella pan a couple of days ago, (I know, I'm a bad friend)
For someone that doesn't cook often, Lisa Khinn made the effort to accept my request of making delicious coconut shrimp.
I love seafood stuffing and Sophea's seafood stuffed mushrooms made my tummy happy.
Melissa made an awesome low fat pesto, grape and chicken pizza.

My future sister in law sure does know how to make a mean Mac & Cheese

My mother made fresh spring rolls and served the "nuoc mam" dipping sauce in individual containers for a less messy meal.

The weekend before the shower, my mother and sister made hundreds of Cambodian beef and chicken sticks. I am very grateful because I know how tedious it is to cut and thread each piece of meat onto that stick.

It couldn't be my bridal shower without my ABSOLUTE favorite food in the world, my mom's famous eggrolls

Sushi is among my favorite food so it made it on the menu for the bridal shower.I love Greek food and my friend's mom makes the best dolmades and Greek pastries. I was honored and extremely grateful that Rula brought them to the shower! They were delicious!
Milan and Lake Como
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WANTED: An Inexpensive Disneyland Honeymoon

by 2bemarried

My fiancee and I are getting married next June in a modest, intimate wedding, and would like to be able to also afford a honeymoon also, but our budget is severely limited ($700 or less).

Ideally, we'd love to afford 2 round trip tickets and a nice hotel for 3 days, 2 nights in/around the Disney area. I'd like the price to come in under $200 a person. I can't seem to get that from any online vacation package broker (I've tried Yahoo Travel, Orbitz, Expedia, and even a Disney-specific travel agency, to no avail).

And the biggest wrench in this whole idea is the 2-day, 2 adult parkhopper passes to Disneyland. These tickets are VERY expensive... to the point where the cost puts us over what we can afford to do.

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