Honeymoon Travel wedding Registry

Travel Gift Registry!


What is the Growing Trend in Wedding and Honeymoon Travel?

Travel Gift Registry!

Skip the bath towels and blenders, and request the gift of travel and adventure for your destination wedding and/or honeymoon. Although not a new concept, travel gift registries are gaining in popularity and will help make your wishes become a reality.

When you book with a wedding or honeymoon travel professional, the company should be able to offer you a Travel Gift Registry.popup_49 Within clicks, you can register for a cruise, tour or land adventure, upgrade to a suite, order shore excursions, romantic dining, spa services, and more. The list is endless!

How does it work?

• REGISTER Your Honeymoon Plans
• REVEAL To Your Family & Friends
• RECEIVE Your Wonderful Gifts
• REMEMBER Your Honeymoon Forever

How will my friends and family know where I’m registered?

When signing up for your registry, you will be provided the opportunity to download announcements for print or email, create a personal wedding website, an on-line photo album, a wedding blog, and a share tool so you can post your registry on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites.

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Wedding Registries are not tacky.

by cruisingspecialist

They are a great way for a Bride and Groom to get some if not all of there honeymoon paid for. As you all know, honeymoons can be very expensive and if your friends and family want to help out in this manner it is great. Who needs five toasters? I have a link to a wedding registry on my travel website but I can't give you the link because will feel that it is spam and will slap my fingers!! Yes, a portion of the funds given do go to the registry provider but it is still a neat way to get some of your honeymoon paid for.

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