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On paper HONEYMOON TRAVELS PVT LTD seemed like the perfect “multiplex” movie with a rather appealing story, fresh cast and a novel concept, however the treatment of the movie leaves a lot to be desired for as the movie ends up as a loud, shoddy and hardly intelligent viewing.

The movie revolves around six married couples on a package honeymoon to Goa. There is a mix of characters on the vacation including the mature romance between Shabana Azmi-Boman Irani, a newly wed Bengali couple with the husband(Kay Kay Menon) being strict and uptight, a upper-class Delhi couple(Amisha Patel and Karan Khanna) who are cute and care-free, a couple who met over the internet and got married (Sandhya Mridyul and Vikram Chatwal), Abhay Deol and Minissha Lambha play the “perfect” couple with a secret, and lastly Ranvir Shourey and Dia Mirza which is more a tribute to the corny 70’s love triangles.

The story by Reema Kagti was one which had immense potential. The movie starts out on a perfect note as the six different couples start out on their honeymoon and we’re slowly revealed into a little bit of insight into each of the couple’s lives. However it’s the screenplay of the movie which is a letdown. Justice isn’t done to all of the six tales, and while some leave a lasting impression, others just wither out and some even manage to make the viewer cringe.

By the end of it all, what I found with the movie was that apart from a handful of characters none of the characters actually left a mark or an emotional bond with the viewer. Each of the tales had room for so much exploration however Kagti has opted for a more “simple” approach which disappoints more than anything else. Also there are so many loose ends in the movie which are never tied up properly which again leaves the viewer with the impression that there was so much in the movie that wasn’t properly explored, and should’ve been taken out to make the end product tighter.

Word of advice to Reema Kagti, you had the right idea in mind when making the movie no doubt, and your intentions are evident in parts of the movie, however next time don’t get so carried away in going over-the-top as the end result is one that is rather confused and half-hearted.

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Wedding Registries are not tacky.

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They are a great way for a Bride and Groom to get some if not all of there honeymoon paid for. As you all know, honeymoons can be very expensive and if your friends and family want to help out in this manner it is great. Who needs five toasters? I have a link to a wedding registry on my travel website but I can't give you the link because will feel that it is spam and will slap my fingers!! Yes, a portion of the funds given do go to the registry provider but it is still a neat way to get some of your honeymoon paid for.

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