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One device that is used, along with flashbacks, is narration by a DJ at Radio Mirchi. (Product placement, helloooo!)

There’s the perfect Parsi couple, the older couple on their second marriage, the uptight Bengali couple, the arranged marriage Gujurati couple, the filmi couple, and the hip couple. We think we know what to expect with each, but there are some surprises, and some very gay positive messages (though there was one couple I was hoping would have wound up together that didn’t).

It’s a long list of actors, and you can read about them individually at the movie’s website, but some of the more recognizable names who’ve signed to this endeavour are Shabana Azmi, Boman Irani, KayKay Menon, Raima Sen, Amisha Patel, Diya Dia Mirza and amazingly (because he keeps getting offered roles) Vikram Chatwal. (Nothing against the hotelier’s fabulously wealthy son, who actually has pretty eyes and an interesting face, but his delivery when he speaks is slurred and jerky.)

One face I was surprised and happy to see in the role of Chatwal’s character’s wife was that of Sandhaya Mridul, who I enjoyed as the spunky roommate in

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Wedding Registries are not tacky.

by cruisingspecialist

They are a great way for a Bride and Groom to get some if not all of there honeymoon paid for. As you all know, honeymoons can be very expensive and if your friends and family want to help out in this manner it is great. Who needs five toasters? I have a link to a wedding registry on my travel website but I can't give you the link because will feel that it is spam and will slap my fingers!! Yes, a portion of the funds given do go to the registry provider but it is still a neat way to get some of your honeymoon paid for.

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